Evaluation Online Resources- A Complete Guide

09 Aug

With billions of resources on the web, it is challenging to determine whether it is reliable or not. You should evaluate the resource during the research process. During the evaluation process, here are things to check. 

Who is the author? You should ensure that the author of the resource is an expert in that field. You will know this if the expert has credentials to support. Make sure that you have investigated the authorship of the resources. Their details can usually be found on the website where you are getting the resource. If you want to know who wrote the piece; then you should navigate to the reference section of the writing. You can find the author’s bio in some of the articles.

Another thing that you will want to know is the publication. Publication is paramount because of authority. As a good rule of thumb, the publication name should be familiar. Diferent publishers deal with varying maters, and therefore you should choose the one who specializes in your subject matters. If you are reading writing from a reputable publication, you are sure that it is reliable.

When you are finding a research resource, time is a key factor to consider. As rule, the materials ought to be present and relevant. You need to ensure that the information is connected to the current world. With time, information tends to change and become invalid. Look at the date of publication to determine that the content is not outdated in the current time. It is vital to note that some old data can be updated and become relevant.

You should also focus on the accuracy of the publication. The language that shall be used in the publication will determine the accuracy of the article. It is supposed to correct and excellent. You cannot find an error-free reading resource. However, a publication with too many errors is an indication of how careless the author is. You will thus need to verify any publication first before you commit to it. The good news is that some platforms on the WWW can assist you in double-checking the facts of the publication.

When you are finding for a resource on the web, you should ensure that it informs, explain, persuade, and teaches you. Does it provide information you are finding? The best publications are the one where the author is not biased at all. Also, you have to decide on whether the publication should be based on facts, opinion, or both.

Lastly, understand the WWW site where you are doing the research. The internet is growing, and millions of articles are being published every data, and therefore you should be careful on the site where you are downloading the information. If you are looking for search PubMed articles  then you should consider a site such as EurekaMag. At this site, there are order library-scanned science articles  some of which are from PubMed. To get more enlightened on this topic, see this page:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_article .

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